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Technical Information

How important are fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding, downpipes and guttering to your home?

If left to deteriorate the damage can be considerable not just to the exterior of your home but also inside the home... this is the type damage that can be caused.

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When moulds grow, it's usually in damp places, behind walls and under floors, above ceiling tiles or behind shower walls - in fact wherever there are wet cellulose materials they can feed on, such as wood, ceiling tiles, plasterboard, or accumulations of organic material inside air-conditioning and heating systems.

Water is the key.


Without it, moulds can't get started, much less spread. But when water is left to sit for even 24 hours, common moulds can take hold. If water continues to sit and areas become completely saturated, that's when a more lethal mould, such as Stachybotrys, can move in.



Spalling brickwork, cracked cement render or pebble dash, face of bricks blown allowing water to soak into brickwork or substrate? Did you know that each brick can hold up to 1.5 pints of water?!


Penetrating Damp can cause black spot mould to form and areas of dampness may be visible on bare plaster walls.


Warm air inside and cold air outside causes an osmotic action and the water is drawn through the wall causing internal damp. This is commonly known as penetrating damp.

Damp getting into internal walls causes the plaster to break down, surface cracking, flaking and a spongy texture to the surface. These are ideal breeding conditions for black spot mould and mildew which may cause health problems especially to the very young or very old.


Bargeboards and cladding are usually made of timber and are all too prone to rot and require regular painting and repair… no fun to "do it yourself" and expensive to ask a professional painter to stand on a ladder for days!


Leave too long, however, and damp can penetrate the roof space and eaves, leading to rotting timber joists and those dreaded damp, mouldy ceiling patches.


The answer lies in Hightec Roofline's quality range of roofline products made from high performance, long lasting and low maintenance PVC-U based products.

Too many installers simply fix the new product over the top of the old, damp boards - quicker and cheaper in the short term, but a disaster for the long term integrity of your home because this process boxes the problem in where the damp or rot can spread.


Technical details continued on Technical Information Page 2

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Barge Board


Fascia Board behind guttering

"Top quality products need to be installed properly to ensure their long life performance"

Comments Martin Andrew - partner in Hightec Roofline

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